Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sleepwalkers ~ Sleeping Under The Radar

Labeled on her website as one of her favorite bands on MySpace by the one and only Bjork, Sleepwalkers is aptly named as they have no label, no album and have never played a live show....yet. One of 3 side projects by Castle Project bassist Steven Fairweather (one being his self titled effort and the other called 'peace and quiet') and teamed with cousin Phil Misquitta, Sleepwalkers airy indie sounds are so beautifully driven with accoustic guitars and whisper like vocals you can't help but just sit and listen intently to every song. I think it is only a matter of time before we see and hear more from Sleepwalkers. Here is a self produced music video for their track "Beautiful Uncertainty'.....enjoy!


For more music, video and info on Sleepwalkers go to:


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Shawn said...

Upon recollection, I don't think I've ever been exposed to the sleepwalkers. I'm gonna have to try and get some more cause I like it.